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Ask homeowners and they will tell you the refrigerator is one of the most important assets in a house. The same goes for stores, businesses, and industries owners who deal in the sell and supply of fresh food produce. Now, imagine how challenging it can be when this crucial equipment breaks down. Unfortunately, fridge malfunctions are extremely common than we would want them to be. The following infographic lists different refrigerator parts, signs to watch out for, and the costs of repair or replacement for each one of them.

The handle or latch is useful to pull the fridge door open. Usually, this part can be damaged by breaking, which can render it unusable. To have it repaired or a new one installed, you may have to part with approximately $38.32.

The hinge, which is responsible for a smooth backward and forward movement of the door, can also be broken. This part is also susceptible to damage by various factors. To have it fixed, you will need to pay approximately $11.21.

The seal or gasket is another part which can be easily damaged. This section creates an airtight seal which blocks the warm air outside from getting in and the cool air inside from getting out. Out of all the refrigerator parts, it is likely to cost you more money to get a replacement. Be prepared with nothing less than $78.83. The sign to watch out for here is any form of sweat on the outside or inside the door.

The filter is likely to be malfunctioned when the water dispenser is not dispensing water. To have it checked right away, be prepared with at least $46.61.

When it comes to inspecting the thermostat, check the temperature of the freezer section. If it is too warm then you will need $27.88 to get a new one and have it installed. The little fee will save you lots of unnecessary losses and expenses.

Parts like the ice maker and switch are easy to know when they have malfunctioned. The ice maker won’t make ice, while the switch won’t be able to turn the lights on or off. To replace the ice maker, you need $65.19 while the switch will cost you $29.70.

Signs of leaking water are an indication that the valve has a problem while too much noise means the motor is not in good shape. With $52.43, your leakage problem will be solved and $64.22 takes care of the noise.

Damaged tray or shelf and drawer or glides also need replacement if you want enough space in the refrigerator to organize your stuff. The trays cost $28.18 while the drawer goes for $37.48.

Taking care of your fridge is important. It not only increases its longevity but also enhances its efficiency. Being the leading fridge repair specialists in Durban, we are ready to help you take care of all the repairs and maintenance. Plus, we know how and where to get quality parts at cost-effective rates. Our company is made up of qualified and experienced fridge technicians who can guarantee quality and reliable solutions. Give us a call today on 087 551 0838.

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